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Why Earn A PhD?

After earning a master degree in education or related fields, a student can apply to a doctorate in philosophy in education (PhD). This aids the person to continue their professional career path into teaching but at a higher level, which includes academic research roles. If you want to teach at a college/university level, a PhD can be required.

Does it take a long time to earn a PhD or EdD?

Time Requirements For A PhD Or EdD

The road to earning a PhD or EdD isn't a short one. The average time it to complete the program in its entirety is five to seven years. This includes course work, researching your dissertation and writing your papers. Any program offering "quick" doctorate programs should be approached with caution. No matter what university you choose, make sure the college is accredited before signing anything. This can be checked at

What's better a PhD or an EdD?

EdD vs. PhD

So, you've decided to go back to school for a higher education degree, but how do you choose between a doctorate of education and a doctorate of philosophy in education?

The PhD is more of a research degree which enables a person to pursue a teaching profession that requires continued research such as at a university.

An EdD is a professional doctorate that prepares a student of speciality education or administrative positions. Depending on the institution, it's a toss up whether a PhD or EdD holds more weight or prestige.

Should I get a EdD?

Why Earn A EdD?

After earning a master degree in education or related field, you can apply for any program that offers a EdD, or a doctorate in education. This completion of education can open many doors for those who want to teach at a higher level. With an EdD, you can be an administrator, superintendent, teacher educator, and teacher leadership positions. It is designed for the professional practitioner and can be research based. Most of your principles and superintendents have EdD's or PhD's.

Is it expensive to get a PhD or EdD?

The Cost Of A PhD Or EdD?

The cost of a PhD or EdD can cost about the same, and sometimes more, than a masters degree and requires at least five years of commitment to the degree plan. This cost does not factor in the study and research time. On the flip side, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, professionals with doctorates earn approximately $37,265 more each year than workers with bachelor's degrees. This is the most prestigious of degrees and should be approached with complete confidence and self-assuredness.

Is it better to go to a different school for the doctorate program?

Continuing Your Education From The Same School

Before you choose a doctorate program, you'll analyze what classes and degree plans are offered at a particular school, and if those programs help you obtain your professional goals. Like most masters to doctorate programs, it may be easier to stay at the same university. Others believe it's better to have different points of view at different institutions.

Check with the different universities you are considering attending and ask about credit transfers from your previous degrees, and what doctorate degree plans they offer. Get transcripts reviewed by counselors at the different institutions and take course catalogs if there is a question on a courses application and what it covered.

Make sure when discussing the doctorate programs available, the university has what you are looking for and what you need to complete your degree plan. Get everything in writing and keep copies for yourself and in your school files so there is no question you discussed these options, classes, and degree plans.

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