Continuing Your Education From The Same School

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Is it better to go to a different school for the doctorate program?

Continuing Your Education From The Same School

Before you choose a doctorate program, you'll analyze what classes and degree plans are offered at a particular school, and if those programs help you obtain your professional goals. Like most masters to doctorate programs, it may be easier to stay at the same university. Others believe it's better to have different points of view at different institutions.

Check with the different universities you are considering attending and ask about credit transfers from your previous degrees, and what doctorate degree plans they offer. Get transcripts reviewed by counselors at the different institutions and take course catalogs if there is a question on a courses application and what it covered.

Make sure when discussing the doctorate programs available, the university has what you are looking for and what you need to complete your degree plan. Get everything in writing and keep copies for yourself and in your school files so there is no question you discussed these options, classes, and degree plans.



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