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What masters degree will work the best with my bachelor's degree?

A Master's Plan

When deciding on a masters degree, you can choose from a master of education, master of science or master of arts. If you have an education bachelors degree, a master of education may be your best choice since it can help you fine tune your teaching skills.

A master of arts may require more liberal arts courses as well as a foreign language where as a master of science is more research and more technical focused. Talk to counselors and others in the field to find out what can work to your advantage and what will benefit you the most when it comes to employment opportunities.

Masters degree course work can include Curriculum Theories and Practice, Designing Staff Development Programs, Historical and Political Contexts of Curriculum, Instructional Theory, Intermediate Statistics and Qualitative Research and Evaluation Design.

How do I know if I want to earn this degree?

Choosing An Online Cirriculum Program

If you're seeking additional coursework in cirriculum and instruction for your education degree, talk to others who have graduated with this concentration and find out where they went to school. Discuss your professional and academic goals with a career counselor and find out if there is a mentor or internship program in this subject, and whether or not it helps you earn college credit for your time. The best way to find out if a degree plan is right for you is to get practical experience so if there is no credit offered for internships or mentor programs, find a place to volunteer (museum, library) and ask the curator or librarian about how a degree in curriculum and instruction has worked for them.

What kind of jobs do curriculum and instruction degree holders have?

Job Opportunties

There are multiple job opportunities for a curriculum and instruction degree holder. Many teachers get this as their master's degree to help them better prepare lesson plans, teach their students, and increase employment opportunities. Other options are university and college instructors, librarians, historians, public health educators, and curators.

What does a curriculum and instruction degree holder do?

Curriculum And Instruction Degrees

Curriculum and Instruction degrees help teachers and school districts plan and create sets of courses for various schools and education programs. When you earn a curriculum and instruction degree, you study evaluating teaching plans, and design courses specific for grade levels, ages, and subjects. You may also be involved with creating the standardized tests that each state requires their students to take.


Time Commitments

Usually those interested in working in the field curriculum and instruction will need to earn a doctorate. This is three years (full-time) after a master's degree is earned. In total, you can be in school for a period of nine to 12 years (four years for a bachelors, two to five years for a master's degree and three years for a doctorate).


Cirriculum And Instruction Costs

If you are considering a degree in curriculum and instruction, understand you will need to continue schooling past a bachelor's degree. Online classes can cost $700-900 per 3 semester hours, a masters degree can cost $10,000-100,000 and a doctorate can cost the same as a masters. Before deciding on this field of study, give some strong thought to your career goals and your finances, talk to those in the field, talk to your counselor, and decide your options.

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