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What about public relations?

Going Into Public Relations

Public relations is an area where an educator can really spread their creative wings. Working for the school district, promoting the successful programs for the different schools, and talking to the press can be make for an exciting day. But make sure you don't get caught up in a crisis situation. PR professionals do more than just file press releases and pitch stories to the media. In the event of an emergency, PR professionals become the face of the company, offering crisis control preventive measures and working with all parties involved to rectify the potentially disastrous situation. Before you get involved in any corporation, it's always good to do your own investigative work on the company's reputation and past experiences with the press. A couple of websites to check are and Fortune's 100 Best Companies to Work For to find out what the positions are available and what the requirements are.

Can I be a journalist with a teaching degree?

Becoming a Journalist

Entering in the media field can be a tough one. The best way to enter this as an educator is to meet and greet people of the media (print, television, or Internet). There may be a way to double major in education and journalism but if this isn't an option, taking a few journalism classes would be to your advantage. If you can, take an internship with a local radio or TV station, print media (newspapers or magazines), or Internet news.

The media has a variety of job opportunities for those with teaching degrees. Everything from researcher to reporter to producer. Those who know the subject in which they report offer an educated and better perspective to their readers, listeners and viewers. Can you imagine Barbara Walters reporting on the intimate details of neurosurgery? No, that's why Sanja Gupta of CNN is so great. He's working in the field of medicine and can give it an authoritative presentation.

Can I become a writer?

Becoming a Writer

It's not uncommon to realize that after earning your degree, you're not all that interested in what you've been studying. Understand it's not the end of the world, in fact, it could be the beginning of an entirely new one. A degree in education doesn't mean you're destined to only teach, in fact, it can open a variety of alternative careers for teachers. Writing is one of those jobs.

Many textbook companies use teachers to research and write their textbooks. Magazine companies are always looking for interesting articles on education, child care, and ways parents can better prepare their children for the education pressures they see everyday.

Getting on staff of the textbook companies can be difficult and it is something to pursue before graduation. Some may offer internships or co-op programs to get your foot in the door. If you feel writing is a better route for you than teaching, be sure to do the homework. Read some of the textbooks the publisher has printed. Check the subject matter, check the presentation of the book. Is this a company you want to work for?

Another option for an alternative career for a teacher is freelance writing. This can be a hit or miss job but it is a great career either on it's own or as supplemental to a teachers income. This profession also works well with summer jobs for teachers and those who only work substitute teaching jobs.

If you want to broaden your writing skills and venture into freelance writing and/or writing full-time, pick up a couple of books on freelancing such as The Complete Idiot's Guide to Publishing Magazine Articles, and Careers in Writing. How to Write Irresistible Query Letters by Lisa Collier Cool is a great investment and will serve you well when you are constructing your cover letters (query) to any publisher.

Additionally, a few of the necessities of any writer are Elements of Style by Strunk and White and Writer's Market. This tells you how much each magazine pays, to whom to send it, and the turn around time. Word of advice: If you do intend on becoming a writer, be sure to check out the submission instructions and do your homework. Most editors throw out 50% of submissions because people can't follow the simple rules of how to send a query letter. And check the last 3-6 months of that publications magazine. If you submit an idea they just had a huge write up about three months ago, they are going to know you have no idea what their magazine prints.

Can I speak out for teachers?

Politics and Education

Education is always a hot topic during election season. Teachers salary, teacher vacancies, increasing problems in the schools have been on many politicians platforms. If teaching in the classroom isn't your forte but you want to have your voice heard as an educator, politics may be where your strengths lay.

American Federation of Teachers, National Science Teachers Association, and National Education Association ( are all potential organizations where an outspoken educator can give a voice for their colleagues.

Volunteering for these organizations can be a great way to get your foot in the door, network, and find out how they run their offices.


Using Your Education Degree For Consultant Work

A consultant offers expert advice in their areas of study such as education, science, math, medicine, or teaching. They often operate as their own company and they are not employed by the client, as is usually the case with an in-house public relations team. A consultant assesses situations, analyzes information, and presents proposals for action. The consultant then performs the proposed work for a fee within an agreed time frame (short-term or long-term).

With many companies downsizing, more people have started their own consulting companies so the competition can be fierce, depending on the area of the country. The beauty of consulting is you are your own boss and will be able to set your own hours but before deciding on consulting, be sure to have a business plan in place, a few months salary in the bank, and a strong desire to succeed.


Becoming an Educator

The obvious career with someone who's earned a teaching degree is to become a teacher. One of the great benefits of teaching is there are so many choices of fields of study and ages in which to teach. Eager-to-learn minds are of all ages and it can be just as rewarding teaching five-year olds how to read as it is teaching a sixty-year old.

There will be school districts who require specific certifications and degrees (bachelors, masters, EdD) where others are more lenient. It's best to check with the school districts, community colleges, or institution in which you are interested to teach and ask what degree and certification requirements do they ask of their educators.

Another option as a educator, you can travel and teach in other countries a variety of subjects. Teaching Jobs is a website that will be posting jobs in the US, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia. Websites to check for teaching jobs are Teachers Count, which has several links to job data bases; Teachers-Teachers,,, and are just a few.

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