Becoming a Journalist

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Can I be a journalist with a teaching degree?

Becoming a Journalist

Entering in the media field can be a tough one. The best way to enter this as an educator is to meet and greet people of the media (print, television, or Internet). There may be a way to double major in education and journalism but if this isn't an option, taking a few journalism classes would be to your advantage. If you can, take an internship with a local radio or TV station, print media (newspapers or magazines), or Internet news.

The media has a variety of job opportunities for those with teaching degrees. Everything from researcher to reporter to producer. Those who know the subject in which they report offer an educated and better perspective to their readers, listeners and viewers. Can you imagine Barbara Walters reporting on the intimate details of neurosurgery? No, that's why Sanja Gupta of CNN is so great. He's working in the field of medicine and can give it an authoritative presentation.



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