Becoming an Educator

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Becoming an Educator

The obvious career with someone who's earned a teaching degree is to become a teacher. One of the great benefits of teaching is there are so many choices of fields of study and ages in which to teach. Eager-to-learn minds are of all ages and it can be just as rewarding teaching five-year olds how to read as it is teaching a sixty-year old.

There will be school districts who require specific certifications and degrees (bachelors, masters, EdD) where others are more lenient. It's best to check with the school districts, community colleges, or institution in which you are interested to teach and ask what degree and certification requirements do they ask of their educators.

Another option as a educator, you can travel and teach in other countries a variety of subjects. Teaching Jobs is a website that will be posting jobs in the US, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia. Websites to check for teaching jobs are Teachers Count, which has several links to job data bases; Teachers-Teachers,,, and are just a few.



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