Why Earn A EdD?

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Should I get a EdD?

Why Earn A EdD?

After earning a master degree in education or related field, you can apply for any program that offers a EdD, or a doctorate in education. This completion of education can open many doors for those who want to teach at a higher level. With an EdD, you can be an administrator, superintendent, teacher educator, and teacher leadership positions. It is designed for the professional practitioner and can be research based. Most of your principles and superintendents have EdD's or PhD's.



8/25/2007 6:44:15 PM
Rebecca said:

PRINCIPAL (not principle)

1/17/2009 1:28:42 PM
Oh Boy? said:

Do you mean "principals" or principles???

Perhaps you should proofread your "Why Earn an EdD" blurb.

9/30/2009 8:51:11 PM
Mary Cosky said:

Most of your principals..not most of your principles

10/9/2011 7:12:43 PM
Susan said:

Shouldn't it be "principals" and not "principles"?


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