ID Certfication vs. ID Degree

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Do I have to get a masters degree to work as an ID programmer?

ID Certfication vs. ID Degree

There are online courses that offer certifications in ID but the classes usually will not apply to any degree program, especially graduate level and above.

If you do decide to take the route of certification only, be sure to talk to those who have taken the classes and ask about job opportunities following completion. Contact the Distance Education and Training Council ( to make sure the classes are at least accredited, giving them more credibility when the certification shows up on your resume.

Weekend classes claiming to help you become certified as an ID programmer in just three days are numerous. Do the research to verify this will be recognized by potential employers. Again, talk to others who have taken the program, ask counselors or send out a question on the bulletin boards of ID degree holders, asking about weekend certifications.



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