Extending Into The Teaching World

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Extending Into The Teaching World

Community colleges and universities that offer informal or evening classes may allow those with life experiences, such as computer programming, education, languages, science, travel backgrounds, writing or other liberal arts fields, to teach without having a formal teaching certification. This is state and university dependent so it's best to check with the colleges you're interesting in teaching with and asking.
You can also start out as a tutor as well. Many high schools and community colleges have programs for those needing additional help with their studies. This may be an excellent way to get your foot in the door and network, plus add to your resume and learn if teaching an older student is where your strength lays.

Young mothers and fathers who are trying to return to high school benefit from programs that encourage them to continue their studies and offer free child care. If you are interested in helping young mind succeed, look into your local high school programs to find out more information. This may only involve a few hours a week but again, can help you decide what age group to (or not to) teach.



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