Pay Scale And Benefits For Teaching

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What will I make as a teacher?

Pay Scale And Benefits For Teaching

The pay scale and benefits for teachers range from state-to-state, district, and institution and can vary widely. Teachers' benefits are always a great platform for politicians seeking re-election but to know what each district actually offers in regards to pay, benefits, and tuition assistance for those seeking additional teaching certifications, you're going to have to do your homework. Elementary education may not make as much as a college professor, but the employment requirements will be different and the education levels will vary. The more experience and teaching certifications an educator has earned will more than more likely bump them up in the pay scale, but this can depend on the school district and state funding. It isn't unusual for a teacher to take on a part-time job in addition to teaching but again, these situations are individual.

Teaching is one of those jobs people do for the love of the job. It isn't a way to get rich or retire to Saint-Tropez, but it is a way to educate eager to learn minds and leave a lasting impact on the planet.



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