Is Teaching A Good Fit?

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SHould I be a teacher?

Is Teaching A Good Fit?

Like most things in this world, there is no way to know if teaching is the best job opportunity for anyone without hands on experience. This is why volunteering comes in handy. Choose an age, grade, and subject that most interests you and volunteer with that demographic. A great place to start is with the local schools. They may offer volunteer opportunities or know a group who needs help with projects or events. Don't limit it to the schools, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, Boy Scouts (, Girl Scouts (, Special Olympics (, and a multitude of other organizations are always looking for help. This can be the best way to obtain practical classroom experience and actual interaction with students.

Although you may feel teaching is your absolute goal in your professional career, it doesn't hurt to volunteer. There just may be a lesson you learn when you do.



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