Obtaining Your Master's Degree From The Same University

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Should I stay at the same school or go to a different school for my masters?

Obtaining Your Master's Degree From The Same University

Even with a traditional degree, some say it's better to find a different master's program from where you earned your bachelor's. This can give you a wider range of experiences, help you learn from different instructors, meet new students and expose you to a wider range of thought processes and avoid inbreeding.

The advantages to staying at the same institution where you earned your bachelor's degree are that you know the staff and programs, your college credits will transfer easier, and you know the system. Plus, if you are getting financial aid from your university, the paperwork can be a lot easier when applying again versus a new school where you will have to fill out all the financial aid paperwork again.

There is no perfect answer for everyone. Each student will have to do their own research and ask their own questions. Be sure when talking to any institution about master's degree programs that you get things in writing and verify them before signing up with any school. This will save you significant time, money, and trouble later.



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