How Much Does The Program Cost?

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Is an online degree cheaper than a traditional degree?

How Much Does The Program Cost?

The cost of education are on the rise. It's good to know the collective cost of an online education's can average out to less than a traditional university degree.

Per college hour, the cost of an online education and a traditional degree is about the same ($700-900/per 3hr course--can be less with community colleges or more with private colleges) but there are other costs involved with going to school.

The cost of driving to campus or living on campus can be expensive. Lost revenue occurs if you are unable to work full-time or part-time and the incalculable loss of time when trying to schedule set classes. There are advantages to working on your degree from home, especially when juggling home, work, and life commitments.

If you are hoping to obtain financial aid, understand there are strict guidelines for applying for grants and loans through the federal government. Such financial aid is available to cyber-space students who attend a college/university who hold 50% of their classes in a traditional format. If the school has only online/telecommute classes, the financial aid is available directly through the school.

Some employers have tuition reimbursement, but again, you have to ask if they cover online classes. Many employers will encourage their employees to attend school and increase their job skills, especially when it doesn't require the employee miss work or rearrange their schedule to conform to traditional classroom time.



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