The Cost of an Online Education Program

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How much does an online degree cost?

The Cost of an Online Education Program

Regardless of whether you complete your general education degree in class or attend online classes, an education degree is not cheap. Online classes can be as much per semester hour as traditional, but the difference is in the overall costs.

When you take a cyber-class, you don't have to drive, hence decrease on time and gas costs. There are less overall charges for building costs, activities fees, health costs, and other hidden fees. You have the flexibility to take a class as you can work around your work and family schedules, which can pay for itself. Rising costs of education may discourage many from even attempting to fill out an application, but don't shy away from school because of cost.

There are multiple ways to pay for school without going broke.

If you're within 10 years of discharge from military duty, you're eligible for the GI Bill. “The Montgomery GI Bill provides up to 36 months of education benefits for college, business, technical, correspondence or vocational courses, apprenticeship or job training, or flight school. Participants can receive over $36,000 in tuition,” as posted by the GI bill website.

If you are not in the military and do not plan to or cannot enlist, go to the financial aid office and fill out a Federal Student Aid form or FAFSA form. A pin number is assigned and your information can be sent to any college or university in the US. is another possibility for scholarships. The paperwork can be tedious, but it might be the difference between having to take out a loan and not attending school at all. Additional educator Scholarships are available at Teacher's Network, The National Teaching and Learning Forum, The National Board for Teaching Standards are great places to gain possible grants or scholarships to attend school.

Many work places offer tuition reimbursement and flexible hours for students although you may owe them time once you are done. Other companies have school-work or co-op programs where you alternate going to school and working full-time each semester.

If loans are your only option, be sure to take on only what you can handle. If this means it takes you another semester or two to graduate, so be it. Taking on too much can be disastrous. It's far better to lessen the load and take a little longer than fall flat just short of the finish line.



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