Is special education right for you?

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Am I sure about teaching special education?

Is special education right for you?

The National Association of Special Education Teachers ( is a good place to start when deciding on a special education degree. They offer conferences, publications, workshops, career advice, the latest job opportunities, and teacher to teacher forums for those interested in special education training.

Choosing special education as your field of teaching can be a rewarding experience but it can also be extremely frustrating. Large amounts of paperwork and heavy course loads can be daunting. Because our society is to litigiously based, proper documentation of each child's progress will be examined by administration because funding is different with special education classes. Additionally, parents will expect equal education for their child, even if the child appears to be unable to learn beyond the level of an infant.

Before deciding special education training is the right route, volunteer for programs that specialize in working with those with special needs. Special Olympics (, Teachers Count (, Austim Organization (, or United Cerebral Palsy ( all offer incredible volunteer opportunities and allow interaction in a more neutral and less pressured environment than a classroom.



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