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The thesis statement is one of the most important parts of the research paper. Its purpose is to declare the subject matter and the plan of the paper. Regardless of how long or short the research paper is, a thesis statement is a requirement.
Some thesis statements are implied through statements made in the paper's introductory section; others follow a basic format that is acceptable to most high school teachers and college professors. By filling in the blanks of the following generalized statement, the writer can create a thesis statement that is also the beginning of an outline for the research paper: To better understand ______(a)__________, it is beneficial (or helpful) to consider (or study or examine)____(b)_____, ____(c)____, and _____(d)_____.
(a): insert the topic here.
(b), (c), (d): insert the name of three aspects of the subject you are writing about. You may use more than three, but do not use less than three. EX: THE CIRCUS: To better understand circus poster art, it is helpful to examine its history, noted artists and examples of their works, and their value in today's art world.



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