Motivating In An Online Study Environment

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Motivating In An Online Study Environment

eLearners Tip: Earning an education degree online takes hard work and drive. Making your environment conducive to giving you the best possible advantage of success can only benefit you and those around you. Establish a routine in your day that allows time set aside for classroom attendance and study time. This is the time where the laundry doesn't get done, the phone doesn't get answered, you don't surf the Internet, and visitors are not allowed. Make a workspace that is inviting and encourages you to succeed. Create an study environment that is uniquely your own, and include pictures of family and friends, motivating phrases, or a scented candles to keep the mood relaxed. Remove anything that is distracting and if you need to, buy ear plugs to drown out the general noise of the day. If this isn't feasible at home, find a place at a local coffee shop or anywhere that offers WiFi.Don't short change yourself by shirking an ideal workspace environment either at home or otherwise. It's important to your professional career and your self-esteem.



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