Medical Training For Teaching Special Ed Students

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Medical Training For Teaching Special Ed Students

eLearners Tip: Along with special education training, it could be expected that an educator be familiar with the child's chronic medical condition(s) and know what to do when the child is heading for an emergeny situation. Smaller schools have downsized on staff, including nurses. They rely on the fire department and paramedics if the child should get into a medical crisis. This can add incredible amounts of stress to the job as an educator.



11/3/2007 3:26:54 PM
Deborah said:

This is true. I teach middle school. Every week we have community baed instruction. I have one student with life threatening medical issues. When he shows some particular characteristics, if I do not call 911 within 15 minutes, his life is at risk. This is extremely stressful. I can only keep my eye on him. Unfortunately, I find myself consumed with his cirmcumstance, sometimes to the detriment of my other students. But I do not want to be caught off guard.


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