Preparing For Complicated Classroom Situations

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How do I handle a bad situation in the classroom?

Preparing For Complicated Classroom Situations

Since the events of September 11, 2001, programs have been established across the country to protect against terrorist attacks and initiate first response teams. With this, the general publics' anxiety levels have increased while reducing their tolerance levels of threatening people. When teaching adults, it's important to remember that they have many other obligations, aside from being in your classroom. The woman in the front is missing putting her baby to bed; the man in the back worked a double shift and hasn't been home since 5am; the kid by the door is trying to earn the skills for a better job while working full-time. Stressors are different for evening class students but their coping measures may not be all that different.

With these students, there will always be good and bad classes and there may be times when a spouse, significant other or child crashes class and causes a disturbance. Most of these will be easily diffused, but if there are problems, know what your security options are on the campus where you teach. Have your cell phone available and talk in a calm, non-demeaning voice. If you feel the need, take a self-defense class but only use the technique of you are directly threatened. Do not try to disarm any assailant and don't try any heroic moves unless they are in self-defense. Just like any teaching job, students are human and come with baggage. Learn to keep yourself and your students as safe as possible.



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