Taking Your Online Studies To The Classroom

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How do I learn to become a good teacher?

Taking Your Online Studies To The Classroom

No matter if you are teaching adults or toddlers, being a teacher can be tricky but being a great teacher and motivator can be even more difficult. We all had great teachers, and not so great teachers, during our years in school. Pull from these experiences when deciding on what kind of teacher you want to be. If they are still teaching or available, call up some of your favorite teachers up and offer to take them to lunch or coffee. Ask them why they became educators, what they love about the profession, what they hate and what they could give or take. Ask them what motivated them as an educator and the tools they used to motivate students.

Don't stop there; ask your online professors the same questions. Schedule time during office hours and ask why they became a teacher? Why are they teaching adult education? And who motivated them when they were students?

Just because you may not sit in a traditional classroom doesn't mean you can't learn from your professors just as well, helping you on your way to becoming a great educator.



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