Practical Experience in a Cyber-space Classroom

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How do I get into the practical part of teaching while I'm in school?

Practical Experience in a Cyber-space Classroom

Teaching adults is an entirely different ball game than teaching the average 18-year-old college student.

With the job market constantly changing and offering no "steady jobs" as our parents and grandparents boasted, more adults than ever are returning to the classrooms. Here, they hope to increase their hiring potential and knowledge base, making them a more desirable employee. Understand, many adult students have family and job responsibilities and because of this, they may be better students than those who have neither. Community colleges working with public school systems offer informal classes from dancing to computer programming and are always looking for those in different fields to help instruct classes. This could be a great way to network, earn a little extra cash, and decide if teaching adults is where you want to be.

The Literacy Project ( is a way to give back to the community and to help someone who has returned to school to learn to read and acquire basic literary skills. Imagine going through most of your life illiterate or able to read at a third grade level and supporting your family. Finally, you decide it was time to learn to read. What courage it must take to a step towards better educating yourself and what an amazing student to teach.

With the growing immigrant population, volunteers to teach English as a Second Language is always in demand. Check with your local school districts, churches, colleges/universities or and find out where their programs are and what are the certification requirements for your state.



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