Finding Your Niche-What to Teach

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What do I teach?

Finding Your Niche-What to Teach

Teaching is a broad based word used for a broad field of study. When considering what to teach and who to teach, take time to think it through. If you are still harboring ill feelings about your high school experiences, that may not be the best grade for you to teach. If you've not had the experience of teaching adults, one way to find out if you'd enjoy this age group is to take an informal or evening class. This age group is generally more interested in participating in classroom discussions, more likely to show up for class, and will have a much different points of view and life experiences than standard (daytime) college students. It can be a refreshing change and one where you can be less restricted in thinking while inspiring others to do the same. Being a student among those you are thinking of teaching can be a great way to make a decision on what you want to teach.



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