Teaching As A Second Career

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Can I still teach if I don't have a bachelors in education?

Teaching As A Second Career

Many people take on second careers after being in the same field of study for “too” long. Having the potential to “give back” to their communities and fellow man can be more rewarding than their present job and it also may be more conducive to family life.

Just like someone first starting their research on where to obtain the skill required for educators, the best way to make sure teaching is the right route is to do the homework.

A great place to start is Teachers Now (teach-now.org). This organization helps those who want to bridge over from another, non-education degree to the teaching profession. The website offers state-by-state information on how to earn the teacher training and development skills required for educators. It also lists what states have reciprocity with teaching degrees, thus saving time if changing states. Many colleges offer credit for life experiences, thus speeding up the time frame for becoming an educator.

Other resources are the local schools (private, public, and universities), online programs, and national organizations (teacherscount.org).



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