Getting A Teaching Job

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HOw do I find a teaching job?

Getting A Teaching Job

With the great need for teachers, it would seem finding a job would be an easy one, right? Wrong. Many teaching positions aren't even posted and are filled through word-of-mouth applicants.

There are several websites to check for teaching positions.,, and are a few general websites to enter for teaching employment possibilities. For those wanting employment sites specific for educators, there are several to choose from. Teachers Count ( has an entire page of links to job website including National Teacher Recruitment Clearinghouse, Education Week, Jobs in Schools, Teachers-Teachers, and multiple other links allowing a huge of opportunities for those seeking employment as a teaching professional. If possible, contact teachers in the district or institution in which you wish to instruct and ask them about possible job openings or future job opportunities.

Network as much as possible. There are multiple workshops and conferences across the country and local meetings with educators. Meeting colleagues can be a great way to get your foot in the door and have your resume stand out for employment.



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