Locating The Resources For Your Program

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How do I find out if the program is right for me?

Locating The Resources For Your Program

Once you've decided on your teaching speciality, it's time to decide on the college program what will offer the most potential for learning and diversity of information. Talk to the counselors, the students, and anyone who's graduated from the program about the teacher training and development. If you're interested is a sub-specialty, ask about specialized courses (I.E. Special Education, Music Instruction, Drama Instruction, Science Instruction), the opportunities to get practical experience, and the job assistance programs sponsored by the schools. Go to the local school districts and inquire about any work-school courses with the college program you've chosen.

Word of advice, don't settle on a program because it's close, because your cousin went there or you like the school colors. Do the research and find a program that is going to offer the best education for earning the skills required for educators.



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