Earning A EdD Or PhD

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Should I get a doctorate degree?

Earning A EdD Or PhD

A Doctorate in Education (EdD) or a Doctorate in another subject is the next education step after earning a master's degree. Most people pursue a doctorate plan as a pathway into education administration or teaching at a college/university level. This can take any where from three to 10 years, depending on the course requirements, life, work and family commitments. Earning a doctorate is a huge education/professional commitment and requires a great deal of discipline.

With that said, the best place to start is at the universities you hope to attend. If they are not where you earned your bachelors and/or master's degrees, do your homework on what will transfer, what classes you'll have to take for that specific program, and the amount of time and money involved. Shop around and find the best program that works with life commitments, your professional goals, and your pocketbook.



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