Practical Experience With Online Classrooms

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How can I learn to teach?

Practical Experience With Online Classrooms

Traditional degree plans will require actual classroom time as a teacher's assistant in order to earn an education degree. Online degrees may vary with their requirements but if you are not required to have practical experience as a teachers aide or the equivalent, pursue the option anyway. Textbook situations only give a basic idea of what a teacher will experience. Since all children are different and textbooks cannot account for every scenario, it's to your benefit to volunteer or inquire about earning credit through working as a teacher's assistant. This gives you a better outlook and perspective of how to handle a room full of fourth graders after lunch time or one of the best methods of teaching first period algebra to a group of high school freshmen.

Check with local schools, churches, volunteer organizations (Teachers Count, United Way, Boys and Girls Clubs of America), and community colleges.

Teacher-student interaction cannot be taught through textbooks or lectures, it has to be experienced. You have to find out how you'll handle an unruly teenager, an uninterested classroom of fifth graders, or a self-conscience adult returning to school. In the end, it will better prepare you for your first day of school as an educator and may even land you your first job.



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