Motivating In An Online Study Environment

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How can I study with life distractions?

Motivating In An Online Study Environment

Home life, school commitments, and work projects will continuously keep your day occupied. With all the commotion, how can a person be expected to thrive in a virtual study environment? One word: Routine. Here are some other tips that will help you succeed in your online learning environment:

(1) Choose the things that simply take too much of your time such as surfing the Internet, answering the phone, and chatting with your nosy neighbor. Cut out any unnecessary activities, television shows, or duties.

(2) Delegate chores to family members. Children are eager to emulate their parents (even when they don't act like it) and giving them a way to help you succeed so you can spend more time together is a great way to keep them occupied. Word of advice, don't freak out when the kids fold the towels differently than you do, just be glad the laundry is done.

(3) Continue to check in with the positive and supportive people in your life.

(4) For working parents, sometimes the hardest distraction is the one that's most dear--the children. Day care can be very expensive so other options to consider: your best friend or trusting neighbor, trading with other working/returning to school parents for study or class time, and never underestimate the power of the grandparents.

(5) Set up "virtual study groups" and meet the same time each week.

(6) Reward yourself with things you love. If you have to watch "Desperate Housewives" on Sundays, tape or digital record the show and use it as a reward for finishing an assignment.



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