What Age To Teach

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What grade to you want to teach?

What Age To Teach

Earning a degree in early childhood education can be incredibly rewarding. Those eager-to-learn minds staring at you everyday, waiting to be fed with more knowledge is what every educator dreams about. Then reality sets in and you find out it's much more complicated than that.

One of the best ways to find out what grade you want to teach is ask yourself what age of child's company do you enjoy the most? Do you have a niece who's five and a delight because she's constantly asking questions? Do you have a son who's seven who wants to learn about multiplication tables? Do you have a friend's child who's four who you can't stand to be around because of how demanding she is?

Then venture back to your school days and try to decide what grade you enjoyed the most and why. Try and remember what subjects you liked the most and which you hated. Ask other teachers who teach the ages and subjects you might be interested in about curriculum, teaching plans, the personalities of the children, their likes and dislikes of their jobs, and any other questions that come to mind.
Do your homework before deciding on your degree plan and save yourself a huge amount of time and distress.



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