Job Opportunities With Library Science Degrees

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Where can I work with a library science degree?

Job Opportunities With Library Science Degrees

Working in a library may be an obvious choice with a library science degree, but there are multiple choices of libraries in which you can work.

(1) School librarian includes interacting with students from pre-K to high school senior. Choices of books may be restricted by the school districts policies while dealing with intellectual freedom. Developing a cooperative curriculum and relationship with teachers can be challenging.

(2) Academic librarians work at a university/college level. A master's degree in library sciences can be required and you may be considered faculty, which places you on the same level as many professors. Issues include copyright problems, academic freedom, and open access to scholarly works.

(3) Special librarians work in areas such as medical, law, corporations, news agencies and special collections.

(4) You can work as an archivist librarian, helping archive old documents for historical purposes.



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