Why Choose Library Science?

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What is library science?

Why Choose Library Science?

Library Sciences are just what the degree indicates: the study of how a library is run, cataloged, studied, and interacts with those who use the facilities. Before thinking spending your time in a library isn't sounding all that exciting, understand other opportunities for a librarian are acquisition, cataloging, classification, and preservation of library materials. Working in a library, either public or private, can offer you a wealth of research options and information not generally shared with the general public.

Large universities ask those who work for their libraries to find rare books, artifacts, and papers for the school to display among their books (acquisition). Although, it may not be as exciting as Rachel Weitz character in "The Mummy" or Indiana Jones on his latest crusade, being part of an acquisition team can be a rewarding experience.

Before deciding Library Science isn't the route you want to go, check out the American Library Association website and see where a career in library sciences can take you.



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