How Many Years Will It Take?

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How Many Years Will It Take?

Traditional education degree programs can take four to five years to complete. Many people who are returning to school, or attending school for the first time but as an older adult, don't have the ability to attend school for this length of time. This is where the online accelerated teaching degree programs can work extremely well with a busy life schedule.

Accelerated teaching degrees can take two years or less, depending on the student's drive and determination as well as the availability of the classes. The classes are designed for older adults instead of younger, fresh-out-of-college minds. The Higher Learning Commission found that flexible class schedules and shorter class lengths (instead of traditional quarters or semesters) helped adults complete their degrees within two years of beginning the program. Additionally, life experience may also play into your degree plan. Colleges and university, both online and traditional, are granting college credit for life experiences. This helps adults complete their degree plan quicker and gets them into the workforce faster.

Be sure when investigating an accelerated program, ask about course load for finishing in two years or less and make sure the institution is accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council ( and if completing your degree to advance yourself at work, be sure your employer recognizes online degrees and classwork.



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