Location, Location, Location

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Does it matter where the online college is?

Location, Location, Location

It would seem like a silly question: Is location important when earning an online degree? It could be if you don't have the necessary tools to get online. If you live in an area that doesn't have Internet or high speed Internet access, obtaining an online degree will be difficult. Some people do attempt their online degrees by using the computers at a public library. This is not impossible (and quite honestly shows an incredible amount of dedication to furthering their education) but ideally, having your own access is the best route. It allows you more flexibility (time, place) without the hassle of having to wait for a computer or having to worry about distractions around you.

What about the location of the school? Is this important when earning an online degree? It can be if you are more of a need-to-see-a-face person. If the college is located within easy driving distance, it can be beneficial to go in, sit down, and talk to counselors, staff, and instructors. This face-to-face time can certainly help you stand out in a cyber-classroom full of students and could work to your advantage. A student who takes more of an initiative to meet and greet those authority figures who are helping the student to earn that degree, will be noticed and may have more of an appeal to those who are simply an email address.



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