Test Yourself-Take an Informal Online Class First

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Can I balancing work, school and life commitments?

Test Yourself-Take an Informal Online Class First

Studying in a virtual study environment is not easy. There are always distractions: the kids, the spouse, the phone, the laundry, the job all call you away from study time and make the journey a difficult one. Going to school is not an easy road, but factor in life's responsibilities and the

One of the best ways to test yourself is take an informal online class. Many community colleges offer e-learning in classes such as technical writing, languages, computer programming, and self-development. They are less expensive than a college credit class and have a shorter duration of when classes run. You may also be able to obtain a new skill (computer programming, technical writing) and expand your job capabilities.

This can be a great way to test your self discipline and determination and to make sure you are able to juggle life, school, and work without breaking your pocketbook and losing your mind. It can be a way to test the reaction from your support group (family, friends) and see how they relate to your additional commitment and how much or little they are able to help you.



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