How to Succeed in a Virtual Study Enviroment

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what is the best way to study in the cyber-classroom?

How to Succeed in a Virtual Study Enviroment

Exercise--it's one of the hardest things to incorporate into a busy day. But it's a necessary job if you want to keep in shape and stay healthy.

Succeeding in a virtual study environment is much the same thing. If success is a goal, the drive and determination to study and apply oneself is even more difficult. If the classroom is on your home computer, distractions are endless--the laundry has to get done, the kids are hungry, the spouse needs help with something, or the phone rings. The beauty of the flexibility of a virtual classroom can also be quite ugly. The best way to succeed is routine.

Sit at the computer at the same time everyday and do not do anything but "go to class" and study. This is the time where the phone goes off, the kids are at a friends or family's house, the spouse knows not to bother you, and the laundry can wait. If working at home isn't an option, go to the local library or coffee shop that offers WiFi, put in your earphones and tune everyone else out. The point is to establish a routine in your day for the essential study time for success.

General education degrees are enough work without the distractions of everyday life. Earning a teaching degree can be an incredible experience and one you will be glad you studied for than do laundry.



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