Start Dates and Matriculation Schedules

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How long does it take to get a teaching degree?

Start Dates and Matriculation Schedules

The online degree plans are planned out the same as the traditional degree. General education or teaching degrees can take four to seven years, depending on if you choose to earn a master's degree as well. Some states require educators to have a post-bachelors degrees before considering hiring them.

Each college will have their own start dates and rotation cycle of classes. This is different from a traditional classroom setting where class time is set and there is no expediting the semester. Online classes are offered at a faster pace, with lectures being offered more often and increased class loads so students can expedite their ending date. Traditional college that offer online degrees may follow the regular semester with the traditional classes.

The best way to find out when a school starts their general education classes would be to talk with the institution, sit down with a counselor and map out a teaching degree by semester.

Another great resource for finding out online programs and their requirements for obtaining a bachelors in education, is Teachers Count. This lists all the states colleges and universities as well as their tele-campuses and available online classes. Also, all online degree colleges and universities are listed with their requirements and contact information.



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