Medical Training For Teaching Special Ed Students

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What if my student has a chronic medical condition?

Medical Training For Teaching Special Ed Students

Because so many children who are in special education have medical conditions related to their disability (for example, Down's syndrome children can have heart problems, Syndromic children can have a variety of conditions) it may be beneficial for a special education teacher to be CPR certified. It may not be unusual to care for a child with Down 's syndrome after heart surgery or a child with severe Cerebral Palsy who requires tracheal suctioning or tube feeding.

Reliable websites are endless for researching the different medical conditions you may see but keep in mind, one of the best resources is the parents. Ask for recent medical records to be available and ask frequently if any changes have been made in the child's care or treatments. If the parents are not reliable resources, ask to talk to the child's doctor or the school nurse.



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